xt938 extremely slow and orange light constantly lit

Discussion in 'HP' started by Captain Henk, Jan 31, 2006.

  1. Captain Henk

    Captain Henk Guest

    I have a Pavilion xt938 with 768 Mb of ram, 2 hard drives, Radeon 7000 video
    card. In December I crashed it and could not perform a destructive restore
    because it
    'could not find the user partition'. I took it to Staples, they restored
    it, and when I got it back it was extremely slow and the yellow light under
    the POWER button was pretty much constantly on. Took it back and they did
    some troubleshooting and thought that either the hard drive was going bad,
    on the new memory module was bad. When I started it up after the second time
    everything seemed normal, with the same memory installed.
    Yesterday I had to turn off power to the PC to reset my cable modem. First
    time it's been powered down since December, even though I reboot about every
    other day. Now it's doing it again, slow and the light below the power
    button is pretty much constantly on. In addition, if I play music it sounds
    garbled when the light is on, but OK when it's not.
    Any ideas what can be going on? Should I go out and pick up a new hard
    drive? Is the whole PC about shot or what?
    Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

    Captain Henk, Jan 31, 2006
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  2. Captain Henk

    Ben Myers Guest

    The yellow light indicates that the hard disk drive is being accessed? One of
    two possibilities:

    1. The hard drive is failing.
    2. There is some stealth software in the system. Take your pick: spyware,
    adware, trojan, etc. And the software is beating the hard drive to death doing
    whatever its master has told it to do.

    I'll bet on a hard drive failing if the system showed the same symptoms even
    immediately after the Staples tech restored it. The garbled sound is because
    the audio software cannot get enough processor cycles to play the audio

    Identify the make and model of the hard drive, then download the drive
    manufacturer's diagnostics. Run the diagnostics and report the results. If the
    drive is failing and the system is out of warranty, a new replacement drive will
    make the system behave like new. And new drives are not too expensive any more.

    As a matter of normal practice, I ALWAYS run hard drive and memory diagnostics
    when I take in a sick system from a customer. But then Staples techs are
    probably paid not much more than minimum wage, and Staples gets the expertise
    that it pays for... Ben Myers
    Ben Myers, Jan 31, 2006
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