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Yeah, the 6800 Video Processor is broken.

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by tq96, Oct 27, 2004.

  1. tq96

    tq96 Guest

    tq96, Oct 27, 2004
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  2. tq96

    tq96 Guest

    tq96, Oct 27, 2004
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  3. tq96

    DaveL Guest

    DaveL, Oct 27, 2004
  4. Richard Dower, Oct 27, 2004
  5. tq96

    CapFusion Guest

    Which part you are confusing with?
    1 - Install the latest nVidia driver
    2 - Install nVida DVD decoder
    3 - Install the latest Media Player from Microsoft
    4 - Check the result if result are better.

    CapFusion, Oct 27, 2004
  6. tq96

    RaceFace Guest

    Only problem with this is - unless I'm missing something, you need to BUY
    the DVD decoder. I bought the video card, why should I need to buy nVidia's
    DVD decoder for the onboard video processor to function?
    RaceFace, Oct 27, 2004
  7. tq96

    CapFusion Guest

    What are you talking about regarding Decoder?
    Are you referring to third-parties DVD software like WinDVD / PowerDVD or

    From previous reply link -

    ** Quote **
    The ForceWare driver will be available shortly on the NVIDIA.com and the
    NVIDIA's DVD decoder is already available for download from NVIDIA.com. For
    Windows Media Video decode on the GeForce 6600 models, end users will also
    need to download an update to Windows Media Player from Microsoft.
    ** /Quote **

    Are you still confused?

    CapFusion, Oct 27, 2004
  8. tq96

    CapFusion Guest

    Ooops, forgot the link -
    nVidia DVD Decoder

    CapFusion, Oct 27, 2004
  9. tq96

    Kokoro Guest

    Kokoro, Oct 28, 2004
  10. tq96

    @ndrew Guest

    But you do have to buy the Nvidia DVD Decoder .. it is not free.


    @ndrew, Oct 28, 2004
  11. tq96

    tq96 Guest

    No it's not! It just needs a driver update. From the very article you cite:
    "The GeForce 6800 models featured the 1st generation of our programmable
    video technology which includes support for high-definition MPEG2 video
    decode and standard definition MPEG2 encode
    The GeForce 6600 models have the same 1st generation programmable video
    technology support as the GeForce 6800 models. However, the GeForce 6600
    models also include hardware acceleration for high-definition Windows Media
    Video (WMV) decode."

    The original press release for the 6800 series touted MPEG 1/2/4
    encode/decode and WMV9 decode acceleration. Now the quote doesn't mention
    MPEG4 at all and goes on to say that the 6800 cards can decode high
    definition MPEG, but only encode standard definition MPEG2 and will not do
    anything with WMV9. Quite a difference from the original press release.
    tq96, Oct 28, 2004
  12. tq96

    Les Guest

    If you look carefully you will see what decoder he refers to

    Yes, why have you posted this? It does not answer the question raised, which
    is "I bought the video card, why should I need to buy nVidia's DVD decoder
    for the onboard video processor to function?"

    Yes thats the decoder the previous poster referred to, well done for finding
    it :/
    Les, Oct 28, 2004
  13. tq96

    RaceFace Guest

    I'm not confused - or maybe I am. While reading all these articles about
    the video processor not working, it came up that you had to use *nVidia's*
    DVD decoder in order for the video processor to function AT ALL. Not just
    with DVD's, or so the articles led me to believe, but to get the video
    processor to work with ALL video decoding (WMV HD, for example.)

    I already own WinDVD, but these articles make me think I couldn't use that,
    instead I had to buy nVidia's in-house decoder.

    If that's not the case, then just ignore this. :D
    RaceFace, Oct 28, 2004
  14. tq96

    CapFusion Guest

    Yes, why have you posted this? It does not answer the question raised,
    You purchase the card, does your package include an nVidia DVD Decoder with
    your package? Or indicated that it come with nVidia DVD Decoder? If this
    package does include nVidia DVD Deconder, then contact the manufacturer for
    that activation code. If it does not or label it, you will need to purchase
    If you insist that nVidia DVD Decoder should be included with your package,
    you will need to contact the manufacturer to obtain the activation code.

    CapFusion, Oct 28, 2004
  15. tq96

    RaceFace Guest

    HA! I r teh moron! :D

    I never used the eVGA installation disk I got with my system, because nVidia
    had just released new ForceWare drivers.. so I installed those. :D Just
    looked at the disk, and it has the NVDVD stuff on it. So.. I guess I have
    no problem, 'cept with myself. hehe :D
    RaceFace, Oct 28, 2004
  16. tq96

    Ed Light Guest

    Ed Light, Oct 28, 2004
  17. tq96

    RaceFace Guest

    RaceFace, Oct 28, 2004
  18. tq96

    Les Guest


    Or indicated that it come with nVidia DVD Decoder?


    If this
    WWHHOOOOSSHHHH. thats the sound of the problem going right over your head.

    It has never been indicated that the nvidia dvd decoder software was
    required to make use of this ability. I don't insist the nvidia dvd decoder
    software should be included in the package, I insist the advertised function
    works without the need of a seperate software pack that end users are
    required to purchase.

    You sir are being an arse
    Les, Oct 28, 2004
  19. lol!
    Richard Dower, Oct 28, 2004
  20. tq96

    CapFusion Guest

    Can you please explain why you make this comment? If not, I believe your
    comment should apply to yourself.

    CapFusion, Oct 28, 2004
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