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YESSS !!! Starcraft 2 offline skirmisch is possible ! ;) :)

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by Skybuck Flying, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. Hello Guys Boys and Girls LOL.

    IIIEEEEEEEEE **** I am excited ! ;) :)

    I just installed SC2ALLin1 v10.3.3 (Starcraft 2 Launcher tool).

    And installed retail map games which can be downloaded too.

    It was quite a cool experience... the icons for the files become green...

    I was like gje... that's odd... I must have installed some weird tool that
    recgonizes it...

    Then I saw the weird filename extension... then I thought... gje must be the

    But nope... it turns out... Starcraft 2 comes pre-installed with a map
    editor ! WOW !

    And it works too !

    But now back to the tool... the launcher tool works... I just tested it for
    3 seconds ! ;) :)

    And now hopefully soon I am going to play... but I am so excited I want to
    share this message
    with you... so you can start playing as well.

    The race was random I actually ended up with the ZERG !

    OH my god the coolness is off the richter scale ! ;) :)

    I never played with the Zerg before in single player campagne so I am very
    excited at hearing all the new zorg/zerg/whatever voices ! ;):) =D

    THAT'S WHY I AM SO EXCITED LOL ! And I get an insight into how their base
    works and what everything is...

    The draw back is that I am ofcourse not as good with the zerg yet... no
    experience what so every except 12 years ago... but that's a long time
    maybe I didn't even play with the zerg back then... another drawback could
    be that expansions/follow ups to the game might include zerg... and then
    this experience might have ruined it a bit... but I don't care... I like
    this already a lot ! ;) :)

    So now I am off playing this game.../skirmisch... I am very excited about
    this possibility !

    This means I can do a "full review" of "multiplayer-like" experience as well
    ! ;) :)

    Then I will give my final judgement/verdict/rating for Starcraft 2 "wings of
    liberty !" =DDDDDD

    Skybuck =D


    Also I love this guy who made this tool/launcher...

    He/she is going to become very popular among P****** =D

    I love this guy already more than the Dutch Wesley Snijeder lol.... ;) :)

    And I never love guys... but these two guys I love ! LOL.

    And now I am off to playing this fricking game ! YEAH BABY ! ;) :)

    Or as the man in the blue suit would say:

    "BOOOOOM BABY !" =D ;) :)
    Skybuck Flying, Aug 5, 2010
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  2. Ok,

    I just battled a couple of rounds against AI...

    First normal/medium difficulty which was too easy with terrans.

    Then I tried insane difficulty which was probably a bit too much and
    overkill, nice defensive exercise...

    So far it was kinda intersting and kinda fun but not really that much ;) :)
    Probably bad game settings so far...

    I will try again tomorrow or so on hard settings or expert settings or so...

    All in all I think the single player compagne was a lot more fun then
    playing just skirmisch which feels
    kinda lonely and cold... and boring compared to campaigne ;) but the
    boringness is kinda nice too...

    Campaigne is a bit hectic and lot's of noice and messages and things going
    on ;) :) but not too hectic...

    Though I guess I am done with the campaigne... so I ll stick with skirmisch
    for now...

    There are ofcourse also other maps to try out than just the star map ;) :)

    So far I am not really impressed with the tactical/strategical side of
    things but I already wrote that and knew that 12 years ago...

    Company of Hero's is like 10x better if you want nice strategy/tactical game
    ;) :)

    I might give coh online a try or maybe a new coh when it comes out...

    I hope it will have better communication skills with other players... not
    voice... but drawing possibilities and warning possibility like battlefield
    2, for example:
    "tiger tank spotted !" ;) :)

    And a reveal/attention mark on the minimap would be nice ! ;)

    Skybuck Flying, Aug 6, 2010
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  3. Also there are indeed some units and capabilities missing which were present
    in campaigne... but not in skirmisch... and also some extra capabilities
    are available in multiplayer if you didn't unlock those in single player...

    Tomorrow I will play with the protoss in skirmisch to see which units they
    are missing in multiplayer...

    Anyway the terrans miss the following units:

    The firebat... like a marauder with fire... it has an awesome voice so
    that's kinda shitty that it's missing ;) :)
    The medic...

    I guess they have to scrape these because that might make the terrans too
    powerfull or so ?

    Also shooting bunkers definetly gone in mp... that kinda sucks because I was
    used to that... but it don't matter it kinda cool too.

    I build 4 headquaters right next to each other with big guns on it... don't
    repelled the enemy somewhat ;) :)

    Skybuck Flying, Aug 6, 2010
  4. I am gonna predict that "infinite" head quaters spawning is going to be a
    popular tactic in this game.

    It's probably the "strongest unit"... it can't move when it had a cannon but
    who cares about that ?! ;) :)

    Just building endless lines of strong headquators might be nice...

    There might be one problem with it... it can't shoot into the air ? and it
    might have a limited range ?!

    So it's vunerable to air units and long range units ;) :)

    Air units can be dealt with with anti air turrets which work ok...

    The long range units could be dealt with with long rang tanks

    So that leaves possible ghost with nukes are so... a little tower can scan
    those out ;) :)

    I'll try this tactic next time a bit...

    It's kinda expensive perhaps but not that expensive... it gives nice strong
    hq's with big strong cannons.

    Maybe it'll fail...

    Anyway I just remembered another unit which is missing for terrans in mp...

    The longbike which can lie mines... hmmm :)

    Skybuck ;) :)
    Skybuck Flying, Aug 6, 2010
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