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Yet another upgrade opertunity

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by GLYTCH \(A.K.A. PYRO-Maniak\), Jul 16, 2004.

  1. You wait for ages for a bus to come along and then three come at once eh?

    Ok now another of my friends is upgrading his craphics card (i think the two
    of them are playing keep up with each other, but thats up to them). He
    currently has a GeForce 4 4200Ti and is getting a GeForce FX5950.

    He has offered to give me the 4200Ti for FREE, of course i said yes right

    This is the card he is giving me
    All in original boxes with included games etc and VIVO cables.

    As those of you who have follwed my recent posts know I have just upgraded
    from a GeForce 4 MX420 to a GeForce FX5200. My system specs are P4
    (Northwood) 3GHz, 1GB DDR400 RAM Dual Channel, Intel D865PERL Motherboard,
    2x WD800JB HDD's, Creative Soundblaster Live 5.1 Digital.

    As may of you have said and i know its entirely correct that having a low
    spec GFX card in a machine of that spec is a waste. So heres the question...

    Do i stick with the 5200, replace it with the 4200Ti, or sell the 5200,
    4200Ti and an old GF2 i have laying about on eBay and buy something new and

    Im sure the 4200Ti is better than the 5200, but it doesnt support DX9, and i
    would like to attempt to play Half Life 2 without bits missing lol.

    Thanks once again for advice and opinions.

    GLYTCH \(A.K.A. PYRO-Maniak\), Jul 16, 2004
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  2. Do i stick with the 5200, replace it with the 4200Ti, or sell the 5200,
    You won't get any money out of these cards. They're old news. The TI4200
    is light-years ahead of the 5200. I'd definately put it in and see what it
    For now, your best bet would be to use the 4200. You can worry about these
    other games when, or if, they ever appear.
    Mr. Brian Allen, Jul 16, 2004
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  3. GLYTCH \(A.K.A. PYRO-Maniak\)

    deimos Guest

    To the original poster. Go ahead and hock-em off. D3's coming out Aug
    3rd, so you got time still. A simple FX5700U (<-- notice the U) will do
    wonders for you, especially if you can get the GDDR3 model (has a good
    core revision and good memory for overclocking). Expect to pay 150 to
    200-ish or less if you can get a rebate or sale.

    Even if you can't afford a GF6, some leaked benchmarks show the FX
    series doing surprisingly well in HL2. I don't think you'll be too bad
    off in that case. HL2 is tentatively scheduled for a Sept/Oct release,
    but for all real world matters, expect to get it just around the
    beginning of November (which incidentally coincides with the original's
    release anniversary).
    deimos, Jul 16, 2004
  4. I feel your missing one crucial point, that i have almo mentioned many times
    before in my previous posts on this subject, money. Are you confident that
    the sale of the three graphics cards would be enough to buy a 5700U?

    If not then its a no no. How much do you think i would get on eBay for a
    GF2, GF4 MX420 and GF FX5200?

    GLYTCH \(A.K.A. PYRO-Maniak\), Jul 16, 2004
  5. Thanks for you advice i will certainly try it out and do some tests with my
    games and benchmarks. If i couldnt make enough money from the sale of all 3
    to buy something else with then the only option is to keep one and if the
    4200Ti is the better of the 2 (ignoring the GF2 obviously) then that'll be
    the one.

    Ive looked at the big test on tomshardware.com and the 4200Ti 8x AGP
    certainly does a lot lot better than the 5200. Thanks for backing up my

    GLYTCH \(A.K.A. PYRO-Maniak\), Jul 16, 2004
  6. GLYTCH \(A.K.A. PYRO-Maniak\)

    CapFusion Guest

    I am not sure you going to get much from selling your 5200 card. Why not
    just keep it as a backup.

    CapFusion, Jul 16, 2004
  7. GLYTCH \(A.K.A. PYRO-Maniak\)

    Mangyrat Guest

    you could try selling all 3 at the same time on ebay and try for around
    10 to 15 for the gf 2
    35 to 40 for the gf fx if its the pci ver of it then it shuld sell for more
    40 to 50 its a good card for setting up 3 or more monitors when paired with
    a agp card
    30 to 35 for the ti
    throw in some games or what ever to make it worth some one to pay $100

    then if you get $100 hit pricewatch and get a fx5700 or a ati 9600
    Mangyrat, Jul 16, 2004
  8. GLYTCH \(A.K.A. PYRO-Maniak\)

    Biz Guest

    Heres the rub you have to deal with:

    Do you want to see all the bits at 3 fps, or actually be able to play the
    whole game missing a few pixel shaders?

    The Ti card is light years ahead of the FX5200. If you want proof, go back
    to the tomshardware pages you were referred to b4.
    Biz, Jul 16, 2004
  9. Ok furthmore to my post, does anyone here have the same card? or anyone with
    opinions/views on the card or Leadtek as a whole?

    Thanks in advance

    GLYTCH \(A.K.A. PYRO-Maniak\), Jul 17, 2004
  10. GLYTCH \(A.K.A. PYRO-Maniak\)

    Cuzman Guest

    " Ok furthmore to my post, does anyone here have the same card? or anyone
    with opinions/views on the card or Leadtek as a whole? "

    I would advertise all of the cards on eBay, and then look to buy the best
    card you can from an eBay seller with good feedback. It may end up costing
    you next to nothing for an FX5900.

    This article gives great comparison of all the cards you might consider:
    Cuzman, Jul 17, 2004
  11. I get the impression from others that i wouldnt make enough money from the
    sale of the cards on eBay for a decent replacement. If i just end up beign
    about to afford something like a 5600 (up 1 rank from my 5200) then im not
    sure its worth the hassle, ill just use the 4200Ti as people have suggested.

    Do you have any links to cheap 5900s on eBay?

    GLYTCH \(A.K.A. PYRO-Maniak\), Jul 17, 2004
  12. GLYTCH \(A.K.A. PYRO-Maniak\)

    Bert Root Guest

    Prior to the stampede Mr. Brian Allen tryped
    I just got rid of a GeForce 4 4600 for 58 GBP last week so I'd list them on
    ebay to see how they do.

    Bert Root, Jul 19, 2004
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