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Yet more GeForce FX 5200 problems

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by Kevin Rowney, Jan 6, 2004.

  1. Kevin Rowney

    Kevin Rowney Guest

    Argh. I can't get my Windows 2k server to boot right with this card.

    Unless I boot into VGA safe mode, the boot-up sequence ends in a black
    screen right before I'm supposed to get the login prompt. Everything
    else looks normal during the re-boot, but then *blammo* the screen
    goes black. The monitor still thinks its receiving a signal, but the
    signal is just....nothing, black.

    I'm using the PCI version of the PNY FX 5200. I've tried a bunch of
    things already like:
    * making sure to first uninstall the older Display adapter
    * upgrading to the latest NVidia drivers (53.03)
    * installing the latest OS patches for Win2k
    * getting the latest BIOS version for this mobo

    I'm running a Dell PowerEdge 1400 configured with:
    * Intel 1Ghz Processor
    * ~500 Meg of RAM
    * Windows 2000 server with SP4

    Has anyone else seen this kind of "black screen of death" with this

    Sheesh, if I'd have known it would be this much trouble....

    PNY, are you listening?
    Kevin Rowney, Jan 6, 2004
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  2. Try hitting the power button on the monitor when it goes black. Recently
    had an experience with the same thing on a friends machine and she has a
    FX5600 XT. Not sure if the monitor is not correctly refreshing at that
    point, but a quick power-off/on corrects it.
    G.E. Parmelee III, Jan 6, 2004
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  3. Kevin Rowney

    heebyjeeby Guest

    Yep I know what your going through. Exact same things been happening
    to me on my Creative FX5200 64mb for the last few days.
    I posted in alt.windows.98 and got a couple of replies. Here they are
    with original post. Think it's sorted now (fingers crossed). Installed
    44.04 drivers and reinstalled Norton AV. Also did a system restore
    back to a point when it worked ok.
    Good luck.

    Just recently am having difficulty booting windows. Only from a cold
    boot. ie. if the PC has been off all night.
    Just before I get to the windows login screen the screen goes black
    and all HD activity stops. If I press CTRL ALT DEL a blinking red
    cusor appears top left.
    -Restart. Graphics display adapter is then messed up on 2nd boot -
    reverts to 16 colors 640*480 screen. I then sort the screen resolution
    back to 16bit 1024*768.
    -Restart again.
    Windows then loads fine but not enough colours on the desktop icons.
    Sort that then restart all fine again.

    If I shutdown and restart during the day everything is fine. But it's
    getting to be a bit annoying. Anyone know how to fix this?
    I'm sure it's something to do with new GFX card installed. Tried
    different drivers many times though.
    Could it be the cold, cos the room the PC is in really is quite cold
    this time of year. Had the PC for about 4 years never had a spot of
    bother with it.
    I have exactly the same problem myself. My problem is a memory stick
    or its
    contact with the socket. I cannot get another since it is so old, but
    I have
    found a solution:

    Make a boot diskette and always boot the computer from that. It will
    Win98 from starting and cobbling up your system. When the computer
    wait a while and press the RESET button. When the computer eventually
    start Ok from the boot diskette, take out the diskette and push the
    again so Windows is allowed to start.

    You should or course begin by cleaning the connections to the memory
    and anything else that is "plug-in".

    Check all connections inside PC just on chance that you may have a
    poor conenction for one of the power leads. But I agree with oterh
    post that your power supply may be the problem.
    heebyjeeby, Jan 6, 2004
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