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You can help my little project :) (K7 MSRs)

Discussion in 'AMD Overclocking' started by Michael Brown, Jun 20, 2004.

  1. Hello all,

    As part of a project, I'm trying to find as much information as possible
    about the K7 MSRs. Since these are pretty much all undocumented (and in some
    cases actively hidden by AMD), the only way to find out stuff is by
    comparing how the chips are set up.

    Hence my MSR scanner, inventively titled "msrdump" :) It just tries every
    single possible MSR and sees if it can read it or not. If it can, it saves
    the MSR number and the value it reads to a file called MSRSCAN.LOG in the
    directory where it was started from.

    What I'd really like is if lots of you could run the program and send the
    produced file to me (email to michael at the domain emboss.co.nz). If you
    could include things such as the motherboard, CPU details (TBredA, Barton,
    etc, essentially what you get off any normal CPUID program) both stock and
    what it's being run at, motherboard details (type, revision, BIOS version),
    and ideally stepping codes (AQZFA etc) and datecode (0330 etc). And anything
    else you're doing different from normal :)

    You can grab it at
    The source code is included for those of you who don't like unknown binaries
    :) (you can assemble it with NASM). In the same directory is a sample run
    from my computer (2x Barton 2500's modded to MP2600's, running on a K7D).

    Put it on a boot floppy (NOT a boot CD as it needs to write files) and run
    it that way. For best speed, make sure emm386.exe and himem.sys are not on
    the disk. It will run through all 4 billions MSRs in about 5 minutes (CPU
    speed dependant), logging any ones that it finds to MSRSCAN.LOG on the disk.
    Michael Brown, Jun 20, 2004
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  2. For those of you without floppy drives, there's now a Windows version in the
    same location. It doesn't do a full MSR scan (Windows dislikes GPFs going
    off in kernel mode) but it does dump the ones it thinks should exist.

    Your help would be much appreciated.

    Michael Brown, Jun 21, 2004
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