Zaman NB Heatsink ok on NF7-S ?

Discussion in 'Abit' started by Qwest News, Apr 20, 2004.

  1. Qwest News

    Qwest News Guest

    Will the passive Zalman NB47J Northbridge heatsink do a very good job
    compared to the stock unit w/fan?

    I would to quiet the system down
    and still retain some preformance options.

    Southbridge cooling recomendations appreciated.

    Qwest News, Apr 20, 2004
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  2. Qwest News

    *Vanguard* Guest

    "Qwest News" said in news:Uwehc.44$:
    I just got rid of the NB fan on my NF7-S v2 mobo. It was making noise;
    it would buzz louder, quieter, go away, but erratically which was more
    annoying than just a constant buzz. I replaced it with just a Zalman
    passive heatsink. It comes with thermal adhesive but I'd rather not
    make it permanent (didn't know if I'd have to go back to using a
    fan-cooled heatsink). Didn't know the quality of the thermal paste
    (included) so I got a blister of thermal paste that is supposed to be
    equivalent to Artic Alumina. Got them real cheap at

    Zalman NB32-J, $3.95; incl. paste & adhesive (
    Thermal paste, $0.65 (

    Biggest problem I had was getting off the old pin-mounted fan
    w/heatsink. Didn't want to dismantle the computer to get the
    motherboard out so I could squeeze the pin ends together to push them
    out of the holes. So I used an end-cut nipper to snip off the old
    plastic pins and push the remnant piece out of the hole. Be careful if
    you also cut the spring so not to lose it somewhere inside that might
    short out something. Cut off as much of the pin as possible so the part
    left is as short as possible; there isn't much of a gap between the
    motherboard and case. I cut one that was too long to push out and had
    to use an exacto blade to hold it up to snip off a bit more. When
    opening the bag and handling the extremely tiny screws and nuts, you
    might want to do it over a dish tub in case you drop them. Once
    dropped, you probably will never find it. They are TINY! I had to cut
    my fingernails to get them out of the way to thread the tiny screw into
    the tiny nut. No lockwasher is included so you might want to use some
    Loctite to ensure they don't loosen; if you don't have any on hand, just
    use some liquid whiteout.

    I've only had the Zalman passive heatsink on for a week so I cannot
    attest that there will not be heat problems. But after running games,
    the heatsink never felt warm. I replaced the 60mm constant-speed CPU
    fan with a slower-spinning 80mm stealth fan from Vantec (a spare I had
    in a drawer) using an adapter ( Still makes
    some noise so I suspect I will sometime try using a Zalman flower
    heatsink, and then see if a 120mm stealth fan (with adjustable speed) is
    really needed or it I can run it at a very slow speed to keep noise as
    low as possible. There is a thermally controlled Vantec 80mm case fan
    on the rear panel directly across from the CPU and its heatsink with no
    obstructions between so maybe I won't need another fan just for the
    flower heatsink. The Saphire brand of the ATI video card doesn't use a
    fan, just a big heatsink. The Fortron power supply is adjustable for
    the speed of its 120mm fan. So the CPU fan & heatsink are next on my
    target list to quiet my computer. It seems the quieter you make it the
    more you notice the noise that's left.
    *Vanguard*, Apr 20, 2004
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  3. Qwest News

    Zulu Guest

    Yes, but be aware if you have a big HS like my SLK900U. Have a look here:
    Asking same question...

    Zulu, Apr 20, 2004
  4. Qwest News

    ohaya Guest


    I also just installed one of the Zalman's (the blue one, which is supposedly
    newer design) on an old KT7E which had a really noisy fan on the

    A couple of notes to add to Vanguard's:

    1) Make sure that you have some TINY Philips screwdriver, something like the
    ones for eyeglasses. The screws are really small.

    2) The directions show the "wings" attached to the heatsink a certain
    orientation, but I think you can flip them over if need be. I'd advise
    testing fit with the wings and sitting on top of the Northbridge BEFORE
    pushing the supplied pushpins into the wings. They're a pain to get out
    once you put them in. In my case, I followed the directions, and ended up
    with one of the wings coming very close to a cap next to the Northbridge,
    and wishing I'd flipped the orientation.

    So far, it seems to be working fine, and my machine is now SOOOO quiet :)!

    ohaya, Apr 21, 2004
  5. Qwest News

    Wblane Guest

    Pretty slick Zulu. How do you get the sidecover on w/that 90mm fan blowing on
    the Northbridge and vid-card?

    I guess you had to remove your SLK900U to fit the zalman northbridge heatsink?

    -Bill (remove "botizer" to reply via email)
    Wblane, Apr 21, 2004
  6. Qwest News

    Zulu Guest

    There is no problem at all, it might look a little big on the picture, but
    it fits my case without problems...

    Yes, first Zalman, then SLK.

    Zulu, Apr 21, 2004
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