Zonealarm question.

Discussion in 'Dell' started by DaveJohnson12, Dec 17, 2005.

  1. I just want to know if I can install the latest version with Windows XP without
    any serious problems. The reviews at were mixed wth some people
    saying not to install it.

    I'll be using it with a dial-up connection. I don't know if that matters. The
    description at said it's a firewall for high-speed connections or
    something to that effect.

    I use an old version and don't have any experience with the newer versions.

    DaveJohnson12, Dec 17, 2005
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  2. DaveJohnson12

    Markeau Guest

    I've been running ZApro on 2 XPpro systems for a couple years with no
    problems. Runs much better than back in 98SE days when the truevector
    service would hang the system about 40% of the time - that has never
    happened to me on XP yet. I recommend it to friends and family (along
    with Eset Nod32 antivirus).

    There are some good newsgroups on the news server that
    are good to read over, especially the ng.
    Markeau, Dec 17, 2005
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  3. DaveJohnson12

    Rich Guest

    are you installing winxp sp2?

    are you installing it over winxp, winxpsp1, winme, win98, etc?

    i am assuming you are currently running WinXP or WinXP SP1 and you
    want to upgrade to WinXP SP2. i would not attempt to do that via a
    dial-up connection. MS will send you a free WinXP SP2 upgrade CD.

    rich, n9dko
    Rich, Dec 18, 2005
  4. DaveJohnson12

    SgtRich Guest

    Although some earlier versions of ZoneAlarm caused some problems, the
    newest (current) version works quite well.
    SgtRich, Dec 18, 2005
  5. Thanks. It's not the latest version of XP that I want.

    I want to know if the latest version of _Zonealarm_ works reasonably well with
    XP. I'm planning to install Zonealarm on a new PC with the XP Media Center OS.
    By reasonable well I mean can I install Zonealarm without worrying about whether
    it will destroy the operating system. :) If I don't like the way it works I can
    always uninstall it.
    DaveJohnson12, Dec 18, 2005
  6. Thank you. That helps to know.
    DaveJohnson12, Dec 18, 2005
  7. Thanks. I don't see much in, just a few spam posts. seems decent. I need to know the basics about using XP
    without security problems.
    DaveJohnson12, Dec 18, 2005
  8. DaveJohnson12

    Rich Guest

    sorry, i misunderstood.

    which version of ZA? i use the free ZA and the most recent version
    works just fine with WinXP SP2. before installing anything i highly
    recommend performing an image backup of the drive or partition.

    rich, n9dko
    Rich, Dec 18, 2005
  9. DaveJohnson12

    Markeau Guest

    I just reset that ng in my outlook express and there are over 96000
    posts none of which are spam. Lots of good info in there. Plus, it
    appears the Zone Alarm developers regularly read/post there, too.
    Markeau, Dec 18, 2005
  10. That's odd, Easynews has a total of 18 posts in that group. Google groups shows
    a total of 152 messages. That means 152 since they started saving messages for
    this group. I don't know why I'd see a low total from two servers and you get

    What does grc stand for? Maybe I'll have my ISP add the group.

    Readfreenews doesn't carry it either.

    DaveJohnson12, Dec 18, 2005
  11. Now I'm not sure if this is completely true. I've been looking in and some people say it doesn't uninstall too well. ;-)
    That's okay. I should have mentioned Zonealarm in the message. :)
    It's the free version. I think it's version 6.1.737. I don't see a version
    number on their site. Filename is zlsSetup_61_737_000_en.exe.
    That sounds like a good idea. Unfortunately I know nothing about it. I'll have
    to do some research. Can it be done with one hard disk? That's all I've got.
    I should probably pick another cheap one somewhere for emergencies.
    Is there reliable free software around for this purpose?

    DaveJohnson12, Dec 18, 2005
  12. DaveJohnson12

    Markeau Guest

    GRC hosts their own newserver that is open to the public ... You need
    to add the news server to your news client.

    Gibson Research has been around a long time, their ShieldsUp is good
    to check if your pc ports are properly firewalled and stealthed, etc.

    ..... there is a lot of stuff on his site so just go to the ShieldsUp
    area first.
    Markeau, Dec 18, 2005
  13. DaveJohnson12

    Rich Guest

    yes, but its always better to place the backup file (image or
    otherwise) on another medium like a second hard drive, DVD, etc.
    external hard drives are fairly inexpensive these days.
    yup. norton ghost does image backups as does BootIT NG. of those two
    current products i think the BootIt NG product is probably better, but
    that's just a personal opinion.

    i've been using a now out-of-production product called 'drive image'.
    the company that published DI was bought by Symantec who then shelved
    DI in favor of their Norton Ghost product. you can still find DI v7
    on eBay.

    WinXP has a couple of built-in processes that are similar to an image
    backup...their internal backup process and the WinXP restore points.
    the WinXP backup process is a file-by-file backup process that doesn't
    really restore a hard drive to its previous condition. for restoring
    specific files it is reasonably competent. the WinXP restore point
    comes closer to an image backup but it may not capture all the needed

    a good drive/disk imaging tool will take a snapshot of the hard drive
    (or partition if you have the hard drive sub-divided into smaller
    partitions) and thus enable you to restore that drive or partition to
    its previous state. the benefits of this are enormous. i always
    perform an image backup of my operating system and programs partition
    prior to upgrading or adding anything. if the upgrade or install
    creates a problem i don't have to worry if the uninstall process
    really uninstalled everything...i just restore the partition back to
    the way it was before the upgrade or install. i couple the image
    backup with a few other processes and utlilties such as a spyware
    scan, virus scan, etc. the result is that i have a very clean system
    that runs well.

    how detailed you want to be is a personal choice but i strongly
    recommend that at the minimum you perform an image backup before you
    install or upgrade any software. don't just take my word for
    your own research and come to your own conclusions.

    good luck,

    rich, n9dko

    norton ghost:

    booti ng:
    Rich, Dec 19, 2005
  14. I've been thinking about getting an enclosure and low cost hard disk to go with
    Thank you and thanks for the information. I'll definitely look into it. I think
    it's worth a few dollars to have a quick easy way get your hard disk back to the
    way it was.
    DaveJohnson12, Dec 21, 2005
  15. Thank you.
    DaveJohnson12, Dec 21, 2005
  16. GRC = (Steve) Gibson Research Corp/Co
    Sparky Spartacus, Dec 24, 2005
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